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Animal Yoga --The "Doctor Doolittle" Master Yogi Miki Ash

Miki performs a Upavistha Konasana pose with Daisy Mae a 100 pound reticular python wrapped around her like a huge weighty scarf which she says invigorates the hamstrings and fosters that illusive inward journey.


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From 200 mph to Piloting a Baby Carriage, Meet Nascar's Only Fema...

Angela Ruch shows off her 8 week old adopted baby boy King Knight Ruch from the porch of her and husband Mike Cope s home overlooking Charlotte.


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Meet the Rescue Dogs Who Became the High-Flying Stars in Chris Pe...

Branson MO Chris Perondi runs the Stunt Dog Experience. What makes his stage spectacular really unique Chris trains dogs rescued from pounds and animal shelters to become high flying canine stars. His shows help spread the message of pet adoption and encourage people to spend more time with their furry family friends.


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World's Smallest Mom Baby Homecoming (original posting 7/5/2010)

Makya Stacey Malachi Wil and Kateri enjoy an outing at a local park.


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World Exclusive - World's Smallest Mom Pregnant With 3rd Baby (O...

Katira and Stacey on the couch while Mukea takes a snooze. says hello to her brother. Stacey Herald is 6 months pregant with her third miracle baby.


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Burt Reynolds Dead at 82 -- Here with legendary stuntman Dar Robi...

Burt Reynolds with the world s Greatest Stuntman Dar Robinson on the set of Reynold s 1985 movie Stick. Robinson had a co starring role on the film playing the albino hitman Moke as well as performing the first decelerator high fall stunt from the top of a 20 story building in Miami playing two characters with a drum and cable system tied to his ankle allowing an overhead camera a clear view without an airbag in the picture.


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Fart Man Demonstrates his Breaking Wind ability by hitting a ball...

Don t serve baked beans at the barbecue Leon Iloilo Philippines Ronald Cabanas aka Mr. Fart loads up a dart into a red and yellow cannister that he fits through a hole in his pants right into his anus and lets out a giant fart that propells the dart directly into a balloon a few inches away. Whatever you do keep this man away from the beans at luinch


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Kawa Baths Philippines WAIT...DID HE SAY "WELL DONE"

Wait did he say well done At the Kawa Baths at the scenic Kayak Inn in Tibiao Philippines the tourists are actually boiled in large cooking pots of various sizes some individual and some holding two or more humans. The recipe the cook will pour water and leaves into the kawa pot add some dried coconut leaves underneath light a fire and an hour later the tourists leave relaxed tender and ready for dining. Or maybe going for a swim in the cooler waters of the Tibiao River below. Fortunately the kawa is made of thick cast iron so the water never gets quite as hot as a Jacuzzi without the bubbles.


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The Long Stretch Is Over For the Giraffe Woman as Sydney V. Smith...

Sydney recently had an entirely new set of copper neck rings made for her that provide a better fit. She is now up to 15 rings up from 11 of the older ones that she bore last spring.


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EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Steers and breaking stereotypes--Meet the Co...

Las Vegas NV The 2016 IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals at the South Point Hotel. Miss IGRA 2015 gets a kiss from a cowboy.


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Protective guard Dachshund "would give her life" for quadriplegic...

Ruth a quadriplegic cat and her constant companion Idgie the dachshund are roommates together at the Hollywood Hounds Rescue and Adoption facility in Lake Mary Florida after being found and rescued together. The two have become inseparable and Idgie has become the cat s caretaker according to Jacqueline Borum who adopted them. They now reside at Borum s Hollywood Houndz animal rescue center in Lake Mary Florida.


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Kiki Hamann: The Queen of Canine Couture

 The dogs love it because they get carried pretty much like the same feeling when you are laying in a hammock. They love the gravity of being held by the fabric Kiki says.


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Basketball Champ Amos the Wonder Horse Is More Than A One-Trick P...

There s plenty of serious horseplay with this miniature steed. As a goodwill ambassador for the legendary Harlem Globetrotters Amos the Wonder horse can sink baskets paint plays the xylophone and shakes hands. The tiny stallion is also a top therapy horse working with children and the elderly alike and is used in schools anti bullying programs.


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Eye Tattoo: Needle In Eyeball Changes Man’s Life

New York City Getting an eye tattoo seems like an insane proposition very few people like the thought of a needle going directly into their eyeball. Not for 58 year old William Watson. The New York resident suffered a major eye injury when he was young. He recently underwent a rare revolutionary eye tattoo procedure at Park Ave SafeSight that changed his life and allowed him to once again look the world in the eye.


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The Dutchess of Nails - World's Longest Nails

Beauty and the Nails Chris Walton a 45 year old grandmother and popular Las Vegas singer and musician known as The Duchess has the world s longest fingernails according to the 2012 edition of the Guinness Record Book. Her combined total length after 18 years of non stop growth is 20 feet six meters .


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2014 9th Annual Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon Hangs 10 in California

Louie the Bull Dog hangs 10 at the 9th Annual Surf Dog Surf A Thon in Del Mark CA on Sept. 7 2014


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