Incredible Features is an international photo and video licensing agency based in Los Angeles producing and syndicating still and video feature stories to magazine, newspaper, book, advertising, broadcast and electronic media worldwide.


We specialize in unique and unusual stories that covers diverse topics including human interest, stunts, action, animals, businesses, incredible people, celebrities, medical, travel, human oddities, sideshow eccentricities, adventure, inspirational people who have overcome incredible obstacles, and world-records.


 For the past several decades we have licensed our stories, images and video to a host of print and electronic publications including Life, Time, Newsweek, People, Marie Claire, FHM, Smithsonian, Playboy, Maxim, In Touch, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Penthouse, Psychology Today, Stern, Country Weekly, New Look, New York Post, Page Six Sunday Magazine, the New York Times Magazine, the Oprah Show, French Photo, and hundreds of others. 


Incredible Features offers a collection of over half a million still and moving images for editorial and commercial usage, and the capability of assignment work in film, video and digital photography.


To license any of our properties, please contact us by phone or email:

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